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here’s how it all began…

When my wife and I married in 2008, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted in a ceremony but we knew we didn’t want the same old-same old. We are interfaith: non-religious yet spiritual. We wanted a ceremony that reflected our story, with laughs (I’m a stand-up comedian, and my wife is a social worker… a very funny social worker).

We think we really nailed it – It was the perfect blend of our family traditions, our friends’ talents, and personalized vows (one of our readings consisted of two of our friends reciting early emails we had sent to each other while courting on match.com – Of course they were edited to make them less wordy and more funny).

Most of all, it was moving and funny. People who attended our wedding still remark that the ceremony was their favorite part of the day (followed closely by our raucous end of party dance – Don’t Stop Believing!) and one of the best ceremonies they’d ever seen.

A few years ago a couple who had seen my stand up act wrote me, asking if I would marry them. I strove to make their ceremony as unique and memorable as I thought mine was. Not only did they love the ceremony, but I loved doing it.

While I like doing stand up, I feel like I’m one in a million here in New York City (i.e. I’m funny but no one calls up comedy clubs demanding to see me perform… well, except my mom). As an officiant who specializes in humorous ceremonies, I feel like I’m definitely one of a kind. And the couples that I’ve married would agree.

When I’m not marrying people or on stage doing stand up, I am busy running my own animal rescue and hanging with my aforementioned wife and two kids.

Thanks for reading!