My Style

Since I am a stand-up comedian, I specialize in creating wedding ceremonies with humor – but don’t worry, it won’t be a laugh a second…It’ll also be poignant and moving.  I will happily send you passages from recent celebrations I have performed to see if my style fits what you’re looking for.  I will also work with you to create a ceremony that feels like it fits you.

Services Performed

I have performed and will continue to perform all kinds of ceremonies, ranging from 300+ attendee country club blowouts to ceremonies in Central Park or at the top of the Empire State Building with one attendee (to witness!).

I perform Interfaith ceremonies (and Jews marrying Christians and Christians marrying Jews!) as well as same sex marriages (15% of my weddings are same sex!). I also do vow renewals, elopements, and second marriages (even third!).

The one common denominator is that no matter how big or small, what religion you are, or even how late you booked me, I will do my best to personalize the ceremony to the point that attendees will think we’ve been friends for years.

How This Works

Once you make the (genius) decision to use me as your wedding officiant, I start by emailing a questionnaire that asks about you (e.g. “What do you like to do together?”) and what kind of ceremony you’re looking for (e.g. “Are you writing your own vows?”). Based on your answers, I will probably have follow up questions.

We will schedule a day to meet. This gives me an opportunity to learn more about you, see you interact, and get another cup of coffee. I also think it would be kinda weird if the first time we met was at the altar.

Finally, based on the questionnaire and our meeting, I will create a personalized ceremony.  If you want to see the ceremony that I’ve written in advance, no problem! (Though most couples want to be surprised.)

My rate depends on a variety of factors, like the time/day of the week of the ceremony, how far I am traveling and if I owe a payment for my kid’s preschool tuition (joking!). I will do my best to work within your budget. The best way to find out how much my ceremony will cost is to Contact Me.


The Breakdown

The Full Harris Bloom Experience

Includes my questionnaire, consultation and review, and personal meeting/meetings (either in person or via Skype / Facetime). We will work together to create a personalized ceremony. This package also includes my expertise on-site the day of your ceremony. I will help with last minute questions, work with your vendors, and offer my suggestions to create a memorable experience and joyful atmosphere.

Fee dependent upon location, number of guests, day, time of day, and if I owe tuition for my kid's preschool (kidding!).

Keep It Simple

This generally refers to a ceremony performed on a weekday or weekend morning at a location of your choice with up to 20 guests. The difference in fees reflects location and how personalized you want your ceremony to be.

Write It For Me, Will Ya?

Are you acting as an officiant for a friend or family member’s upcoming celebration? Experiencing writers block? Let me help you with the writing! We write it together, you get allllllll the credit on the day of.